Kimberbell's Summer Nights One-Day Event: VIRTUAL! {August 9, 2024}

$109.00 $129.00

Be ready for those Summer Nights with Kimberbell's one-day event! You will make 3 summer-worthy projects for gathering friends and family. Stitch the “Sweet Stash” Roll-up Bag, Pink Roadster Mug Rug, and “S’more Fun” Roasting Stick Tote in 5×7 and 6×10 hoops, then go home with additional sizes to stitch later. When the day is through, we can’t wait to spend our Summer Nights with you!

We've decided to do something NEW and are making this event a HYBRID EVENT. We are sending you a replay link from one of our previous events. (You'll find a link below.)

THE BEST PART? This will allow you to start stitching as soon as you get your kit!  

On the day of the event, we will have LIVE ZOOM CHECK-INS. We are so excited for these! It will give us a chance to go "open mic" with you!

We will have quick instructions, games, and a chance to answer any questions you have! Then we will give you time to stitch out the next can choose to stitch on your own, or along with the replay. We've added chapters to the replay to make it convenient to find each project. 

Check-ins will not be recorded. 

DATE: August 9, 2024 - 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

REQUIRED HOOPS: 5x7 and 6x10

EVENT BONUS CD: You can qualify for the  Kimberbell Event Bonus CDSummertime Adventure Totes, when you purchase $100 worth of Kimberbell products during the event! (Total is after discount before shipping.) 


White Light Tan 
Black Light Blue
Teal Dark Pink
Yellow Light Grey

Stabilizers Used:

Light-Mesh Cut-Away
Medium Cut-Away
Wash-Away Sticky-Back
Fusible Backing