Kimberbell Sweet as Pie - Hemingworth Thread Kit (12)


This Thanksgiving Holiday Embroidery Pillow Sweet as Pie Bench Pillow is a feast for the eyes, with delectable colors and delightful techniques. You are sure to amaze your friends and family this Thanksgiving with this embroidery craft. Make sure that you have all the thread you will need to complete each delightful stitch! The Sweet as Pie Thread Kit Hemingworth includes 12 spools of premium embroidery thread.

*Due to limited supply, thread may be substituted for like colors.*

Colors include:

  • #1038 – Macadamia
  • #1055 – Malt
  • #1072 – Chrome
  • #1089 – Leafy Green
  • #1126 – Dark Chocolate
  • #1138 – Butter Taffy
  • #1142 – Toasted Almond
  • #1145 – Caramel Cappuccino
  • #1173 – Frosty Blue
  • #1201 – Dark Blueberry
  • #1220 – Grape Jelly
  • #1229 – Eggshell

Hemingworth® machine embroidery thread combines old-world craftsmanship with new-age technology. This revolutionary thread 'spool and cap' system has been specially designed to function both as a smooth thread guide and a protective storage solution. Hemingworth® delivers exceptional world-class embroidery thread that is not only vibrant and glossy but strong and colorfast for superb stitching.

Hemingworth® machine embroidery thread is vibrant and glossy as well as strong and colorfast. A Hemingworth spool is designed to be both a smooth thread guide and a protective storage solution. The protective cap prevents tangling, smoothly delivers thread and protects thread quality.