Girlfriend Gold FAQ

What is the Girlfriend Gold Loyalty Program?  

The Girlfriend Gold Loyalty Program is our gift to you for being one of our most loyal girlfriends (or guyfriends!). It is a free loyalty program where you can earn points for purchases, customer engagement, birthdays, and more! Let us reward you for being part of the Girlfriend Gang! 

How do I sign up?  

Signing up is quick, easy, and free! Plus, you'll earn your first loyalty points just for signing up! Let the rewards begin!

Sign up HERE

How do I earn points?  

Start earning points the second you sign up! There are endless ways to earn points... including signing up for our loyalty program, following us on our social media platforms, treating yourself to product purchases, celebrating your birthday, shopping on our website and live sales, and so much more! The best part? The higher your tier, the more points you earn! 

What do the tiers mean? 

The more points you earn, the higher you climb our Girlfriend tiers! And the higher the tier, the more points earned per purchase. You will unlock more rewards such as early access to new items, exclusive sales, Rewards Gold to spend at our exclusive MGQS store, and more! Go for the gold, girlfriends! 

What are the tiers of the loyalty program? 
  • Tier 1: Official Girlfriend -- Our friendship is official! 
  • Tier 2: Best Girlfriend--Are we best friends now?  
  • Tier 3: Ultimate Girlfriend--You really are the ultimate friend!  
  • Tier 4: Golden Girlfriend--And the GOLD goes to YOU! 
How do I move up in reward tiers?  

As you earn points, you will move up our girlfriend tiers! 

  • Official Girlfriend (0 – 999 Points) 
  • Best Girlfriend (1,000 – 4,999 Points) 
  • Ultimate Girlfriend (5,000 – 11,999 Points)  
  • Golden Girlfriend (12,000+ Points) 
What are the tier perks?  

The real question is, what aren't the tier perks? Early access to new items, exclusive sales, Rewards Gold, birthday gold... to name a few.

Do my points expire?  

Your points will expire after 12 months, but don't worry! Your Girlfriend tier status will not change! 

What can I spend my points on?  

Anything and everything. We see (many!) shopping sprees in your future! 

Can I use it on Live Sales?  

You will earn points when you shop with us on the Live Sales, however the points you earned can only be applied to products sold on our website and in our stores. Earn points no matter where you shop!

How can I use/apply points?  
  • Log into your Girlfriend Gold Loyalty account to view your points, see rewards available, and apply your points to items in your shopping cart. 
  • Are you shopping with us in-person? No problem! Provide the associate at checkout with your email address, and they will be able to apply your rewards at checkout.
Is this program the same as The Club membership?  

These two programs are separate, but the amazing news for you is that if you are in The Club, you are automatically moved to a Tier 2 girlfriend--Best Girlfriend!  

What happens if I make a return?  

Returns happen, we totally understand! The amount that was originally spent and applied to your account will be deducted. For example, if you earned 100 points for an order, that amount will be removed from your account when the return is complete.

How many reviews can I leave for points?

You will only be rewarded for ONE review a week.

How many discount coupons may I apply per purchase?

You may only use one discount coupon per purchase.

If I have a rewards voucher that has a dollar amount greater than my order, do I receive a credit back to my rewards balance?

The vouchers are designed for single-use only. In order to take full advantage of your rewards, make sure your order exceeds the dollar amount of your rewards voucher before shipping and/or taxes.


All points are converted into USD