Ruler Work Bundle HQ Infinity 26


Ruler Work Bundle HQ Infinity 26 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Bundle Includes:

  • Ruler Base HQ Infinity 26 - HG13001
    • Use the Ruler Base accessory to extend the base of the machine and provide stability when using rulers, guides, and templates. This ruler base is for use with HQ Infinity quilting machines.
  • Sure Foot - HG10500
    • The Sure Foot provides a taller profile for additional stability while working with rulers and templates.  Compatible with all HQ machines with Interchangeable Foot Mount.
  • Straight Edge Ruler - HG00425
    • The HQ Line Grid Ruler has multiple grids and a channel in the middle. The center channel helps to control your travel stitches and is great for perfect piano keys. The 30 degree and 45 degree grids can aid in cross-hatching or other angled designs.
  • Versa Tool - HG00563
    • Made from .25-inch thick quality acrylic. The two undulating waves create designs with long, soft curves. Use with the HQ Ruler Base and HQ Sure Foot. Formerly known as Wave B.
  • Wiggle Wave - HG00472
    • Made from .25-inch thick quality acrylic. Double edged ruler with two undulating lines, great for stitching spines or waves. Use with the HQ Ruler Base and HQ Sure Foot.
  • Handi Grip - HG10510
    • Handi Grip is applied to your rulers and templates to provide a light friction to the ruler surface that is in contact with the fabric. This friction gives the user better control and reduces the chances of rulers slipping.