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Online education offers convenience and flexibility. Have access to learning materials and resources at YOUR own pace and from the comfort of YOUR own home! This means you can fit learning around your busy schedule and learn at a time that suits you best. And we'll be here for you every step of the way! 

For your convenience and easy access, we have now bundled our incredible line-up of longarm classes for purchase! Receive hours of content right at your fingertips to be viewed as long as you need it. No monthly fee - just a one-time payment and these classes are yours to keep forever! Class bundles include "Getting Started" (absolutely FREE!), Free-Motion Basics (Just $29!) and Pro-Stitcher Basics (Just $59!) 
And that's just the beginning! Additional education bundles are on their way, and we will continue to grow this library of longarm education. 

Your success is important to us, and we'll make sure to help you every step of the way!

That's what we're all about here at My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe... giving you the very best education possible at the best value. 

We have so much to share with you based on years of experience with longarming... and Pro-Stitcher Basics Bundle is the perfect "next step" in your longarm journey!

Our Pro-Stitcher Basics Bundle contains a library of videos including...

  • Pro-Stitcher Overview
  • File Formats
  • File Tab
  • Edit Tab
  • Area Tab
  • Modify Tab - Baseline
  • Modify Tab - Rotate
  • Modify Tab - Reposition
  • Modify Tab - Resize
  • Modify Tab - Crop
  • Modify Tab - Align, Skew & Swap
  • The Repeat Tab
  • Half-Stitch, Full Stitch, Follow & Measure
  • Baste Button
  • Quilt and Channel Lock Buttons
  • Move Button
  • New Start & End Button
  • Record Button
  • Gears and Clear Trace
  • Run Status
  • View Tab
  • Tools Tab
  • Settings - Display
  • Settings - Defaults and Opti-Stitch
  • Settings - Auto Jump & Stitches per Inch
  • Tie-Offs & Pull-Up
  • Pause Delay & Stitch Status
  • Settings - Advanced
  • The Info Button
  • Question Mark Button
  • Creating a 2-Corner Area
  • Creating a Multi-Point Area
  • Edge to Edge
  • Crop Design

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Customer Reviews

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Roberta Thompson
Highly recommend this class!!

I had never used my tablet or machine in the computerized mode and Rebecca was so thorough in her explanations. This helped me tremendously.