Baby Lock Victory Serger

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    Ready to declare victory over threading your serger? Look to the Baby Lock Victory serger. This innovative home serger boasts Jet-Air Threading™, perfectly threading the lower loopers with a simple lever touch, along with Automatic Thread Delivery™ for threading in any sequence. Additionally, Victory's presser foot with a 6mm height ensures smooth serging even on thicker fabrics!


    Experience the unparalleled convenience of Baby Lock's proprietary Jet-Air Threading feature, effortlessly guiding your thread through the tubular loopers with a simple lever activation. Say goodbye to tedious thread guiding, frustrating threading struggles, and headaches. This exclusive feature sets the standard for high-end overlocking and serging machines, overing unmatched ease and precision


    Say goodbye to tweezers and eye strain as you seamlessly thread your needle by securely positioning the needle threader with a lever for swift and hassle-free threading! With the automatic needle threader, threading time is signicantly reduced, making your sewing tasks quicker and more effcient. Enjoy the convenience
    of streamlining your threading process with this user-friendly feature, saving you valuable time and effort.


    Forget the hassle of searching for a screwdriver every time you want to switch presser feet! The Baby Lock Victory simplifies the process with its snap-on presser foot shank. Just press the button located at the back of the shank, and your current foot detaches instantly. Attach your new presser foot effortlessly by snapping it onto the shank, allowing you to seamlessly continue your serging projects without interruption!


    Babylock has elevated the differential feed to a whole new standard with the inclusion of a single-unit feed dog system, ensuring robust feeding and consistent gathering on various fabric types, regardless of stretch. Additionally, Victory boasts a heightened presser foot height of up to 6mm, effortlessly accommodating thicker and more voluminous materials.


    Equipped with a double-bulbed LED lighting system, the Victory guarantees a well-lit workspace flooded with crisp, bright light. Every adept sewer understands that achieving a professional finish hinges on attention to detail, and clear visibility of stitches is paramount to catching any imperfections before they go unnoticed.

    With a single dial, adjusting your stitch length is a breeze. This dial even features an Automatic Rolled Hem setting, which automatically retracts the built-in stitch width finger to achieve a perfect rolled hem finish.

    Baby Lock's innovative knife system provides a wider cut, accommodating thicker fabrics and multiple layers with ease. This broader cut not only enhances versatility but also improves visibility during your sewing projects.


    While some sergers feature a slanted needle bar that may potentially push and harm the fabric, the Victory sets itself apart with a vertical needle bar that sews directly up and down, safeguarding your fabric and minimizing needle deflection. Additionally, the Fabric Support System ensures that stitches remain flat and even, regardless of the sewing speed, fabric type, or chosen stitch. The built-in stitch fingers dynamically adjust the seam in tandem with the cutting width, providing optimal stitching precision.


    Unlock a world of stitch customization with the versatile capabilities of the Babylock Victory. From 4 or 3-thread overlock to narrow hemming, flat locking, ruffles, and puckers, this serger empowers you to explore a myriad of stitch styles on a wide array of fabrics and materials. Whether you're working with delicate silks or sturdy denims, the Victory rises to the occasion, delivering professional-quality results with ease.


    • Easy push lever looper threading
    • Built-in needle threader
    • No tension adjustments
    • 4/3/2 thread serging
    • Full featured differential feed
    • 2 bright LED lights
    • Adjustable presser foot height up to 6MM
    • Jet-air threading
    • Full Featured Single Unit Differential Feed


    The Baby Lock Triumph comes with a factory warranty, which gives you the ultimate piece of mind with your purchase. Your machine will be covered for 25 years to be free of defects in product casting due to imperfections in workmanship and materials. 10 years covers your machine from defective mechanical parts due to imperfections in workmanship and materials, excluding normally expendable parts.
    2 years covers your machine from defects in the electrical equipment. 1 year covers it from defects in the electronic circuit boards, and 1 year of free warranty labor by an Authorized Baby Lock Retailer