Longarm & Loving It Education Central: Level 1

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Owning a longarm machine can be a little daunting at the beginning, but we're here to help you get things started on the right foot! AND IT ALL STARTS RIGHT HERE! 

Introducing our brand-new, "Longarm and Loving It Education Central" here at My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe! Set up as an online platform, we have curated bite-size chunks of education all located in one central location just for you! You can refer to these as often as you'd like - level 1 membership is yours forever!

Our Level 1 Membership includes the following library of videos... at NO CHARGE to you! 
  • Leveling the Frame
  • Winding a Bobbin
  • Marking the Centers of Poles and Leaders
  • Using the Clear View Bar
  • Adjusting the Handlebar
  • Powering Up the Machine
  • Changing the Lighting
  • Changing the Needle
  • Changing the Foot
  • Cleaning the Bobbin Case
  • Machine Stitching Modes
  • All About Batting
  • Loading the Quilt
  • Loading the Quilt from the Top
  • Keeping the Quilt Square
  • Navigating the Home Screen
  • Navigating the Information Screen
  • Navigating the Settings Screen
  • Navigating the Tools Screen
  • Navigating the Lighting Screen
  • Proper Threading
  • Thread, Needles and Tension
  • How to Bring Up the Bobbin Thread
  • Tie Offs
  • Horizontal Spool Pin

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your quilting journey. Join our longarm education membership today and unlock a world of possibilities!

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Own a Pro-Stitcher computerized module for your longarm or interested in learning more about how they work? Level 3 membership is just $10 more per month at $29.95 and INCLUDES everything you'll learn from Level 2 as well! Find LEVEL 3 Membership HERE!


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