Hey, friends! We want to talk all about the Baby Lock Acclaim... the overlock serger that'll change your serging and sewing journey! In our latest blog post about the Baby Lock Victory, we mentioned some pain points that we know some serging enthusiasts have, and we are here to say that the Baby Lock Acclaim fixes those and offers even more! Let's dive right in to our top 5 favorite features of the Baby Lock Acclaim overlock serger. 

Here are the Girlfriend's top five favorite features of the Baby Lock Acclaim:
  1. RevolutionAir Threading: Let the machine work for you! Simply place the ends of your thread in the specified threading ports, push a button, and air will push the thread right through! Put away your tweezers... this air threading system is here to stay!

  2. Automatic Thread Delivery (ATD) System: Notice anything missing on the front of the machine? That's right, NO tension dials! Thanks to Baby Lock's innovative Automatic Thread Delivery System, you can use any thread or fabric and the machine will adjust as needed without you having to make any tension adjustments. Incredible, right?

  3. Adjustable Stitch Width and Length: The Baby Lock Celebrate has adjustable stitch width and length, giving you the ability to customize your stitch for any project. Whether you’re creating a decorative stitch or a functional stitch, you can be sure that it will be perfect every time. Would you like to go from an overlock stitch to a rolled hem? It's as easy as moving a couple of dials and you're ready to go! See it in action in our video below!

  4. Differential Feed Lever: When you engage the differential feed lever, you can easily gather to create ruffles or prevent puckers! See how we do that in this video all about making ruffles on the serger!

  5. The Exclusive Wave Stitch: The patented Wave Stitch opens your world to more decorative stitches for more creativity. Try different thread colors and stitch widths to easily serge a one-of-a-kind creation!

Check out some of our project videos we've created to show what you can on a serger! It's not just for sewing garments!

Is the Baby Lock Acclaim serger in your future? Let the Girlfriends take care of you! You can find this machine available for purchase online here!

Do you have further questions? Schedule a FREE one-on-one call with a machine expert! Now is YOUR time to ask any questions you might have when it comes to the Baby Lock Acclaim... pressure-free! Click here to schedule!

Or give us a call at 435-213-3229 and one of our machine experts would be happy to talk you through those!


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June 26, 2024 — Jessica Smith

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