Are you a sewing and embroidery enthusiast looking for the perfect machine? Look no further than the Baby Lock Aurora! This innovative and powerful machine is the best machine for hobbyists looking for professional-level features and performance.

Here are the Girlfriend's 5 favorite features that the make the Aurora an amazing machine:

  1. Easy Threading: The Baby Lock Aurora features a one-step automatic threader, which makes it incredibly easy to thread the machine. All you have to do is push the lever and the machine will do the rest! This eliminates the time and frustration of having to thread the machine manually.

  2. Built-In Projects: The Aurora comes with over 50 built-in projects and designs, so you can easily create beautiful projects without having to purchase any additional software. The projects range from simple designs to more intricate projects, giving you plenty of options to choose from. 

  3. Large Embroidery Area: The Baby Lock Aurora has a large embroidery area of 7" x 12", which gives you plenty of space to create your projects. This feature makes it an ideal machine for larger projects, such as quilts and home décor items.

  4. Advanced Stitching Functions: The Aurora also has advanced stitching functions, such as the ability to create multiple patterns, adjust the speed of the stitching, and save up to 30 stitch patterns. This makes it easier to create complex designs and saves time and effort.

  5.  Built-In Memory: The Aurora also has a built-in memory, which allows you to save up to 50 stitches and designs. This allows you to save your designs for future use, eliminating the need to re-create them from scratch.

The Baby Lock Aurora is the perfect machine for sewing and embroidery enthusiasts. With its easy threading, built-in projects, large embroidery area, advanced stitching functions, and built-in memory, the Aurora is the premiere machine for hobbyists. If you’re looking for a machine that can handle all of your sewing and embroidery needs, the Baby Lock Aurora is the perfect choice.

Check out the Baby Lock Aurora here.

February 12, 2023

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