Riley Blake - Beggar's Night Trick or Treat Panel Quilt Kit


By Sandy Gervais for Riley Blake

Embark on a spine-chilling journey through the shadows with the Beggar's Night Trick or Treat Panel Quilt Kit. This kit unfolds a tapestry of terror, boasting an array of haunting Halloween motifs that will send shivers down your spine. Picture stars that twinkle like distant eyes, skeletal cats prowling under the moon's haunting glow, while fangs and pumpkins grin wickedly in the shadows. Skulls whisper secrets of the afterlife, and spider webs weave a sinister spell. Each piece of fabric is a gateway to a realm where the spirits roam free and the air crackles with eerie enchantment. Whether you're a seasoned summoner of scares of a trembling novice, this kit provides all you need to stitch together a quilt that captures the very essence of All Hallows' Eve.

Kit Includes:

  • Front
  • Binding
  • Pattern 

Finished Size: 52 1/2" x 63"

Find the Trick or Treat Backing to finish your quilt HERE