Generations of Love Quilt Kit (60 1/2" x 68 1/2")


Wrap yourself in the tender embrace of the 'Generations of Love' quilt, a radiant testament to enduring bonds and springtime serenity. Bursting with the vibrant hues of the season, this quilt is a symphony of love and warmth, weaving together generations of cherished memories. Each stitch whispers tales of affection, creating a patchwork masterpiece that speaks volumes of the love shared through the ages. As delicate blossoms bloom upon its surface, feel the timeless embrace of family and the sweet fragrance of love that transcends time.

Kit Includes:

  • Front
  • Binding

Finished Size: 601/2" x 68 1/2"

Find the Generations of Love Quilt Backing HERE

Find the pattern in the Oh Happy Day pattern book. Find it HERE