Solaris Upgrade & Panel Online Class (REPLAY)


Solaris Upgrade & Panel Online Class (REPLAY)

*You need to have the Solaris 2 or have the first upgrade on the Solaris to complete this class.

Use the Baby Lock panel to guide you through learning:

  • Sewing Sashiko stitches
  • Couching with embroidery and sewing
  • Fill stitches
  • Using measurements and hoop size to complete a border

The girlfriends will teach you to use your Solaris (with first upgrade) or Solaris 2 to its full potential! Work with your Solaris to complete couching, sashiko stitching, multiple fill stitches, and completing a border by using your hoop size and border measurements!  Work with your machine, materials, and hoop to complete a project that is beautiful and a reminder of everything you learned!

Work on your skills to improve:

  • Multiple hooping on one project
  • Border function
  • IQ designer
  • Quilt stitches
  • Couching
  • Sashiko

Materials needed: