When learning to sew, threading your sewing machine is a process you'll frequently do in preparation for sewing! While this process may seem complicated at first, it will soon become second nature.

Now, let’s talk about the bobbin! While every sewing machine varies with the threading process, these basic steps apply to most sewing machines, making this your step-by-step Girlfriend's Guide to winding and placing your bobbin. 

 Step 1: Prepare the Thread

  1. Locate the spool pin, which is a cylindrical piece that holds the thread while you wind the bobbin and is commonly located on the top or side of the sewing machine. 
  2. Begin loosening your thread to prepare to transfer your thread from the spool once it's secured to the spool pin.
  3. Slide your spool of thread on the spool pin.
  4. Insert the end of your thread through the thread guide. Most machines have a piece with a small hole near the spool to guide the thread but skip this step if your sewing machine does not have a thread guide. Most machines will also have numbers/arrows printed to help guide you.
  5. Identify your sewing machine's tension disk, a small metal knob piece that will move the thread as it's wound around the bobbin.
  6. Without letting go of the thread, wrap the thread around the tension disk once. This should form a triangle with the top of the triangle located at the top of the tension disk.

 Step 2: Wind the Bobbin

  1. Locate your bobbin winder, a cylindrical metal piece about the size of the hole in the center of your bobbin, and should be near a round plastic piece.
  2. Put your bobbin on the winder by lining up the bobbin winder with the hole and pushing the center of the bobbin onto the winder.
  3. Manually wrap the thread around the bobbin 4-5 times to hold the thread in place. 
  4. Lock your bobbin winder by pushing the bobbin winder toward the plastic disk until you hear a click.
  5. Hold the end of the thread you looped around the bobbin to ensure it doesn’t get caught.
  6. Push your foot pedal at a speed that is comfortable to you as your bobbin fills with thread.
            a) If your bobbin fills unevenly, your thread may be in the wrong spot             around the tension disk. If it is wound correctly on the tension                     disk, wrap it a second time to ensure your thread winds evenly.
            b) If your thread is catching on the notch of the spool, turn the spool              over and work in the opposite direction.
  7. Fill up your bobbin with thread until you reach the edges of the bobbin sides, with your thread flush with the outside edge. 
  8. Cut the thread between your bobbin and the spool.
  9. Push the bobbin winder back into place until you hear a click. *Some machines may automatically do this once the bobbin is full.
  10. Remove the bobbin from the winder as your bobbin is now full of thread and ready to use.

Step 3: Insert the Bobbin

  1. Open the shuttle cover located below the needle. Sometimes the shuttle cover is located on one side of the sewing machine.
  2. Remove the bobbin casing, which is a metal cylinder holding the bobbin.
  3. Slide out the bobbin from the metal casing. You may have to open the bobbin casing first. 
  4. If your machine is built for a top-loading bobbin, you’ll remove the bobbin cover and “drop” it into the bobbin casing, following the arrows to guide the thread into the tension discs. 

If you are unsure how to properly thread the bobbin, always refer to your owner’s manual or ask your local dealer. 

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November 03, 2022

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