While there is no specific timeline for changing your sewing needle, this is a regular part of the sewing process and one you will need to know. A sharp new needle will guarantee a proper stitch formation and save your machine from damage, so you will want to change your sewing needle when you notice it getting dull or if it bends or breaks. Learning when and how to change a sewing machine needle is easy, so here is your official step-by-step Girlfriend's Guide to safely changing the sewing needle on your sewing machine.


When to Change Your Sewing Needle
  • The needle breaks
  • The needle becomes bent
  • Tension issues
  • The needle catches on the fabric
  • Your machine sounds strange
  • Your thread sheds near the needle
  • You feel resistance when sewing fabric
Safely Inserting Your Sewing Machine Needle
  • Turn off your sewing machine to ensure no accidents occur.
  • With the flat side of the needle facing the back, insert the needle into the small hole on the sewing machine and push the sewing needle as high as it will go.
  • Tighten the sewing needle into place by turning the needle clamp screw clockwise.
Removing Your Sewing Machine Needle
  • Turn off your sewing machine to ensure no accidents occur.
  • Unscrew the needle clamp screw in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Remove the old needle and place it in a designated disposal box.
It really is that simple to change the needle on your sewing machine! Every sewing machine slightly varies, but the concept of changing a sewing needle is the same for every sewing machine. You can refer to your machine manual for instructions specific to your sewing machine. To learn more basics for beginners, read 5 Sewing Stitch Types Every Beginner Should Learn.
December 08, 2022

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