CutterPillar Glow Tempered Glass Mat


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To be used with any of the Cutterpillar Glow Light Boards, the Tempered Glass Mat extends the types of crafting that can be done on the Cutterpillar Glow Light Board.

Tougher than regular glass, this mat can withstand scratches and is heat-resistant.  Yes, that means it can be ironed on! Iron applique pieces to fusible, use the grid to align seams or smooth your fabric squares before sewing.

The Tempered Glass Mat can also be used as a mixed-media mat where paints, inks and most glues will wash off easily or scrape off with a razorblade.

Use to cover the full lighted area of the Glow Basic or Premium Light Board or half of the lighted area of the Glow Ultra Light Board.  When using the Tempered Glass Mat on the Glow Ultra Light Board because it takes up half the space there can be two crafting surfaces on one space!

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