The Stabilizer Lab 2.0


It's back... The Stabilizer Lab 2.0! You completed Stabilizer Lab 1.0, now brush up on your newly learned skills and pick up a few more tips and tricks along the way.

When? Where? How? Why? These are the questions we all have when it comes to using stabilizer. Kris is about to answer all those questions and more...through videos, handouts, and exclusive machine embroidery designs!

So put on your white coat and safety glasses.  Grab your recent projects and join the Girlfriends at the Lab.  You will be amazed at what a little stabilizer will do.

COST: 49.99 includes lab sessions, handouts, and MGQS Exclusive Machine Embroidery Designs!


Did you miss Stabilizer 1.0? Find it here!

You will be given access to the Stabilizer Lab on The lab sessions, designs, and handouts will be accessed there!

Stabilizer Lab 2.0 Content: 

  • Cut-Away Stabilizer
    • Embroidery on Toilet Paper
    • Embroidery on Minky
  • Specialty Stabilizer
    • How to Print Your Own Templates
    • Another Way to Use Kimberbell Silky Soft Fusible Backing
  • Tear-Away Stabilizer
    • Embroidery on Cork
    • Quick Tip on Removing Tear-Away
  • Wash-Away Stabilizer
    • Embroidery on Satin

Stabilizers are a smooth, woven or non-woven material which does not stretch when pulled.  It is every embroiderers dream.  Without a stabilizer, fabric doesn't handle very well.  Another great reason to join The Stabilizer Lab!  You will become an expert on when and how you can use stabilizers.  Some fabrics simply do not have enough support to hold stitches properly.   If you are going to put that much work into a project, the end result is important.

Do you want a sneak peek of some of the things you will learn?  Watch Kris on one of her Daily How To's.  You will be so excited to join this Lab!

DAILY HOW TO: Sticky Stabilizers - YouTube